Cuba Libre

Many of the best leaders are those who overcome adversity and rally their people, making them emerge stronger through the experience. Today, numerous Cubans are in great positions of influence and power due to their struggles. Cubans are survivors, possessing traits that embody a leader, such as passion and dedication. One such trailblazer was José […]

Oppenheimer, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

Andrés Oppenheimer is an Argentine journalist who works as a syndicated foreign affairs columnist and Latin American correspondent for the Miami Herald. Oppenheimer’s column, “The Oppenheimer Report,” appears biweekly in over 60 U.S. and foreign newspapers. Oppenheimer is the author of many best-selling books, including Saving the Americas: The Dangerous Decline of Latin America and […]

Cesar Chavez

Of those who are fighting (and fought) for social equality, Cesar Chavez stands out amongst the Latino community because of his personal experience with the subject and his non-violent methods. Of course, these non-violent methods aren’t completely his own. Much of his beliefs revolved around the teachings of Gandhi, whose teachings inspired many others. Born […]

Contributing Colombian: Diana Farrel

When asked to visualize a famous American-Colombian, the typical person will picture a celebrity like Juanes, Shakira, or Sofía Vergara. Most Americans are not aware of the political leaders that work to help our society improve. One example of a hard-working and intelligent Colombian-American politician is Diana Farrell. Diana Farrell was born on March 16, […]